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Quality Cabinet Painting Solutions For Your Home

Cabinet painting

If you want to complete an affordable home improvement project to increase the value of your Allen home, consider scheduling cabinet painting services with Carroll Custom Painting. Our painting company can either refresh your cabinet's current paint color or apply a new paint color of your choice. When you paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you'll benefit from a wide variety of color options, a modern appearance, and minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Your painter from Carroll Custom Painting can help you select the quality, type, and color of paint you use for your cabinet painting, and spray and brush techniques can be used to ensure that the paint finish is smooth, even, and long-lasting. The spray technique provides an even finish but makes touch-ups difficult and requires a smooth wood surface, and the brush technique makes touch-ups easy but isn't a seamless process like spraying.

If you're looking for a painting company that you can trust to complete your Allen home's cabinet painting with skill and precision, reach out to the trained professionals at Carroll Custom Painting to schedule this service.

Cabinet Painting Ideas for Your Allen Home

  • Neutrals - You can't go wrong when you choose a neutral shade, such as white, beige, gray, blush, sandstone, or black for you cabinet painting project. These colors pair perfectly with more vibrant décor, fixtures, and furnishings, and you can also experiment with various textures, patterns, and finishes without overwhelming the space.
  • Blues & Greens - If you want to incorporate color into your kitchen or bathroom, consider painting your cabinets sea foam green, sage green, powder blue, or cornflower blue. Greens and blues create a serene and harmonious environment, which is just what your household and guests will want in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Two Tones - Homeowners who can't choose one paint color often choose two. You can paint the top cabinets in your kitchen one color and the bottom cabinets another, or you can create a two-toned effect on the same cabinets by using one color as the accent in the center panels and recesses and another color for the outer trim. Consider paint color combinations like mauve and pewter, crimson and espresso brown, and warm taupe and honeycomb yellow.

If you are looking for a professional cabinet painting company, please call us today at 469-964-9573, or complete our online request form.