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Your Dallas Wallpaper Removal and Interior Painting Specialists

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Dallas homeowners reach out to Carroll Custom Painting because they trust our proven experience, technical expertise, and high-quality craftsmanship. Our painting company has been serving the Dallas area for years, and we take pride in our handiwork. We strive to transform the appearance of homes for the better by providing services such as wallpaper removal, interior painting, carpentry, cabinet painting, and pressure washing.

Preparing for Wallpaper Removal Services

When you schedule wallpaper removal services with our painting specialists, you should let your painter know a few details, if possible. For instance, discuss how the old wallpaper in your Dallas home was applied, how long it has been on your walls, what type of wallpaper was used, and whether it was sealed or primed properly before application. These details will help you painter assess the condition of the old wallpaper and determine the best approach for removal.

Choosing a Paint Finish for Your Interior Painting

Consult with the skilled painters at Carroll Custom Painting if you need help choosing a paint color or finish for the interior painting in your Dallas home. Selecting a paint finish is just as important as choosing a paint color, so take some time to make this interior painting decision.

Consider the following finishes for your professional paint application:

  • Flat/Matte - Absorbs light, difficult to clean, contains the most pigment, and produces the most coverage
  • Eggshell - More of a luster than a shine and cover imperfections well
  • Satin - Velvety finish, easy to clean, reveals application flaws, makes touch-ups difficult, and durable
  • Semi-Gloss - Durable and suitable for trim and areas with excess moisture
  • High Gloss - Ultra-shiny, durable, easy to clean, hard, light-reflecting, reveals bumps and uneven texture, and good choice for trim, doors, and cabinets

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