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Quality Interior Painting Solutions For Your Home

Interior painting

When you hire Carroll Custom Painting for interior painting services, you can be sure that your Dallas home will experience a stunning transformation that will please your household and guests. If your Dallas home could benefit from a fresh coat of paint, contact our interior painting specialists at Carroll Custom Painting to schedule your free estimate.

Protecting Your Home During Interior Painting

  • Floors - Your painter will protect all floors with a layer of polyethylene plastic and a heavy-duty canvas drop cloth on top. The layer of plastic is cut to fit the area and then taped completely flush to the baseboard. This step is performed before interior painting begins for maximum protection. The canvas drop cloth will reduce the tracking of paint and provide a durable work surface to walk on.
  • Furniture - Any furniture that can't be moved out of the working area will be moved to the center of the room before the floors are covered. Once the floor is covered, polyethylene plastic will be placed over the furniture and secured with tape on the floor. Other stationary objects in the room, such as washers and dryers, bathtubs, toilets, countertops, and cabinets will be covered as well.

Preparing Your Home for Interior Painting

  • Sheetrock Repair - Hiring an experienced painting company for Sheetrock repairs will minimize the mess made during this home improvement task. Before repairs begin, your painter will isolate the area with plastic by hanging it from the ceiling in large, open areas or by covering doorways.
  • Woodwork - The woodwork will be sanded if necessary and then dusted off. It will be primed with an oil primer, and the joints in the wood will be caulked. Our skilled team uses an acrylic latex caulk and high-quality oil-based enamels as topcoats. Water-based latex enamels can be applied instead, but an oil finish is recommended for woodwork because it dries to a hard finish and won't stick to itself.

Professional Interior Painting Services

  • Walls & Ceilings - Our interior painting specialists will paint your walls and ceilings with high-quality acrylic latex paints because acrylic latex is flexible and resists cracking. Our painting company will make sure that all trim lines are neat and straight and that the paint finish is even.
  • Woodwork - Wood trim, doors, and cabinets are usually painted last. The topcoat includes a high-quality oil-based enamel, and every can that is opened is checked for proper viscosity and adjusted accordingly.

If you are looking for a professional interior painting company, please call us today at 469-964-9573, or complete our online request form.